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Birthdate:Mar 13
Location:United States of America
My name is Fiona “Joy” Demorra, procrastinator by day and anguished writer by 3am the morning before the deadline. Fic requests are entirely welcome, although between my own headcanons and original non fandom work it might take a while to appear. I do try to keep up though.

I’m an amateur baker with a passion for historical learning, and possess an absolute abundance of useless but interesting knowledge at hand. Like how to make 18th century French custard and what type of tea to serve if a baroness drops by unexpectedly.

In between everything else I’m a free lance editor and wholly welcome editorial commissions, fees subject to your needs, time and how much spit and polish is needed to make your little darlings shine. I do not charge for beta reading and friendly opinions (provided you don’t heave a 100k manuscript at my head), but if you expect actual editing work or in depth feedback please don’t insult me by expecting it for free. While the idea of the starving author might hold some romantic sway, I assure you there’s little romance involved for the actual author.

My health is not the best and I’m particularly vocal against ableism in all its forms, and endeavor to be as open minded and supportive as possible. If I say something problematic I assure you it is not intentional and I welcome the correction. I try to keep my blog as safe a place as possible and be an ally wherever I can.

Some people have taken to calling me “mom” over the last year, coming into my inbox seeking my advice, assuming I know what I am doing with my life despite all evidence to the contrary. If you need someone to turn to then please feel free, my inbox is always open and I will do all I can to be there for you <3
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